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PC Heart Eau de Toilette - Realize

PC Heart Eau de Toilette

The Scent of Success

Dream – White Floral

Believe – Fruity Floral

Realize – Fruity Oriental


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PC Heart, a fragrance for the powerful, energetic and sensual woman. Composed of fruity and floral aromas, PC heart has a soft romantic touch. It evokes ambition and success in three scents:

Dream – White Floral contains the essence of enchanting white flowers for blend of sweet and smooth distinct fragrance.
Believe – Fruity Floral has a whiff on the luscious smell of fruit flowers with enticing charm.
Realize – Fruity Oriental recalls the blend of oriental fruits that is thick with mysterious allure.

Layer them or switch them alternately depending on your mood for a cocktail of scents that complement your every move.

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