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Cool-its Body Spray

Stay Fresh. Be Cool.

Happy – Citrus Woodsy

Trendy – Musky Floral

Witty – Citrusy Green

Charming – Fruity Floral

Amazing – Musky Fruit


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Cool-its Body Spray is a line of cool and refreshing scents for teens. Sold at an affordable price it comes in five fun, fresh and long-lasting scents: Happy Amazing , Trendy, Witty, and Charming . Cool-its is characteristically sparkling and sweet. Especially good for the start of a new day and good to wear any part of the day!

Charming – Fruity Floral

This refreshing contrast of zesty citrus and sweet floral notes is perfect for the sweetheart of the barkada!


Witty- Citrusy Green

This fun fragrance playfully embraces you with light and happy notes of bright citrus and comforting sandalwood.


Sweet- Floral Fruity

Be greeted by this lively burst of bright citrus fragrance that morphs into a bed of sweet floral fragrance and white musk.


Cool- Green Floral

Show the world your unique and cool personality with this fresh blend of green, floral, and warm woody notes!


Confident- Floral Fruity

Let your confidence shine with each spray of this delightful floral fragrance with hints of citrus and berries.

  • Enchanting
  • Sparkling
  • A vibrant fragrance
  • Spray cologne for all day application

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